Why are we content having a world full of lies and power when the power to change the world lies within us? We must speak our minds because no one else is going to do it for us, stand up for yourself and for the ones that cannot speak for themselves.


Will the true man ever show?

Will there ever be a true man with independent thoughts and ideals in a world where we are born to learn and accept our ancestors beliefs as fact? “Whoso would be a man, must be a nonconformist. He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness. Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself and you shall have the suffrage of the world” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Sadly in this society we are expected to conform because of the profound popular opinion that dominates American culture. If everyone around you lives the life of a conformist, how are questions going to arise or even be considered when muffled by the masses.

The uncertain world wants a paradigm, and because humans are grounded to one planet in a single solar system hidden within one galaxy, how are we capable of answering questions that we possibly cannot find out? Simple, we fabricate an answer to create comfort for our concerned consciences. These assumed answers have put us in a horrific predicament.

In this allegory the conformed world will represent the “Dome” we can’t seem to escape, since questions have already been fed to us, we believe there are no questions to entertain.

To be a true man you must abandon all opinion and only trust the facts in any given situation. All of the children are “Trumans” born into the poisonous paradigm ran by greed via manipulation.

Now I will begin the tale of my “Truman” experience. From birth I was told to love the Christian God and to support our nation with a fiery passion without hesitation. These indoctrinated guidelines embedded in our heads are put on a pedestal by our superiors advising us to never question these principals because that would display disrespect. Luckily through education I grasped the concept that no idea should be immune to criticism because behind unmonitored purity usually lies covert corruption. When I would ask my fellow “trumans” as a child about these questions I would be hushed by peers. They told me to have faith in our parents that are clearly just as blind to the real happenings behind the government and religion. Luckily in my “Dome” I have ran into a “Sylvia” a resourceful skeptic. Sylvia in my case was the Internet, a tool many can’t even comprehend the capabilities of. While I was in the process of learning from my church to become baptized, I ran into the World Wide Web.

The freedom of the Internet allowed me to bounce new ideas around. Every day after these classes at Church, I would spend numerous hours absorbed in my computer asking questions and finding logical answers that other’s couldn’t provide at the time. Slowly I started to gain a respect for science and truthfulness. Not necessarily giving the notion that I knew the answers but knowing that it’s unknown. The unknown and mysterious have been my source of spirituality ever since.

I finally escaped the “Dome” with a little help from my friends and I understood I was a true man. By bursting the bubble of conformity it gave me a sense of accomplishment and enlightenment. I have always pondered the means of life of our very existence. To inquire what we are here for may very well be enough to trigger a search in the human mind far beyond philosophical comprehension. I am just saddened to live in a world fueled by power and lies to keep us quite and busy.

Why have a world full of lies and power when the power to change the world lies within us. The heirloom of heresy being taught as steadfast fact is a bulky burden on society. We shouldn’t teach our offspring what to think but how to think.

We have been raised to be content with our corrupt politicians and crooked businesses, while distracted by the media and Pop-Culture. We need to stop acting and to start asking.

Question everything to be a true man or keep conforming and go along with the plan.